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poco urlurl template for following %s

xchan_hashcalculated hash of this extended channelchar(255)NOPRINULL
xchan_guidchannel_guid of this extended channelchar(255)NOMUL
xchan_guid_sigbase64url encoded signature of the guidtextNONULL
xchan_pubkeypublic key for verifying signed data and assertionstextNONULL
xchan_photo_mimetypemimetype of the profile photochar(32)NOimage/jpeg
xchan_photo_lphoto url 300pxchar(255)NO
xchan_photo_mphoto url 80 pxchar(255)NO
xchan_photo_sphoto url 48 pxchar(255)NO
xchan_urlurl of channel page on primary hub locationchar(255)NOMUL
xchan_connpagefor premium channels url of channel to display when connectingchar(255)NO
xchan_namehuman readabl name of channelchar(255)NOMUL
xchan_networknetwork of channel for instance 'zot', 'diaspora', 'unknown'char(255)NOMUL
xchan_instance_urlno longer usedchar(255)NOMUL
xchan_flagsno longer usedint(10) unsignedNOMUL0
xchan_photo_datetimestamp of last photo change in GMTdatetimeNO0000-00-00 00:00:00
xchan_name_datetimestamp of last name change in GMTdatetimeNO0000-00-00 00:00:00
xchan_hiddenflag - channel is hiddenint(10) unsignedNOMUL0
xchan_orphanflag - channel has no known hubloc locationsint(10) unsignedNOMUL0
xchan_censoredflag - channel has been censoredint(10) unsignedNOMUL0
xchan_selfcensoredflag - channel is self censored (adult or nsfw)int(10) unsignedNOMUL0
xchan_systemflag - this represents a system channelint(10) unsignedNOMUL0
xchan_pubforumflag - channel is a public forumint(10) unsignedNOMUL0
xchan_deletedflag - channel was deletedint(10) unsignedNOMUL0

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